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From: Alex Hawk
Subject: Elijah's Visit - Part TwoElijah's Visit - 2
by Alex Hawk (***Jake's adventures with his younger cousin continue! And
end! (Mm-teen, ped, 1st, oral, mast)***When I got home from my visit with Michael, I saw
Elijah watching TV like usual. He looked up as I walked
in."Hey, Jake!""Hey," I said, setting down the pizza I'd picked up
from Little Caesar's. "Hungry?""Sure!"We sat down and watched TV for a while as we ate. After
we were done eating, I killed some time just talking
with him and watching "The Matrix". Finally at about
nine, I said, "Well, I'm going to bed.""Oh?" Elijah looked surprised and a little
disappointed. "I thought we might, you know, watch
another movie...?""No, I want to get to bed." I stood up and walked to my
room, pausing at the door. Not turning around, not able
to look my young cousin in the eyes, I said in a quiet
voice, "If you want, you can come join me.""Uh... huh?""There's just one thing you have to know first. I sleep
naked. Anyone who is in my bed with me has japan 16yr girl cum to be naked,
too." I let that sink in a little and then said, "Good
night. I'll leave the door open." Then I walked to my
room.Once there I 3gp sex films quickly turned out the lights, disrobed
and got into bed, leaving my door open just a crack. I
wondered what would happen next. My penis was very hard
and twitching with 20105 seal tight
excitement at the possibilities.After a couple minutes the door opened a little and
Elijah stuck his head into the room."Jake?" he asked softly."Yeah?""Do you mean it? I can sleep with you if I want to?""Yeah."He took a step towards the bed. "And I have to be
naked?""Yes.""Does this mean... we're going to have sex?"Taking a deep breath, I very quietly said, colt 45 porn "Yes.""Oh..." Elijah said nothing further for a few moments.
Finally I saw him starting to pull his shirt off. He
slowly removed the rest of his clothing and then got
into bed next to me."So now what?" he asked as we lay there side-by-side.My hand shaking a little, I reached over and rested my
palm on Elijah's bare chest. I could feel his heart
beating about a million miles an hour. His nipples were
stiff. His skin was big natural boobs 18
smooth. He was so beautiful. I
began to see what Michael saw in boys."What are we going to do?" Elijah whispered."Whatever you want."In the darkness, Elijah reached 12yo nude girls pics down and took my penis
in his hand, stroking it slowly. "I want everything."Moving my own hand downward, I began masturbating
Elijah and said, "Alright, then. You'll get
everything.""Cool," he whispered. He leaned his face ery 2 pads pregnancy up towards
mine and we began kissing.It was pretty obvious Elijah had never kissed anyone
before. At first when he tried to open his mouth for
Frenching, he opened it way too fhm uk january 2011 wide."Don't open your mouth so wide.""Sorry.""It's ok, you'll learn," I said, kissing him again.Elijah and I kissed some more and colt 45 porn then he said, "Can I
try sucking you?""Do you really want to?""Yeah.""Here, then, let me blow you first so that you'll know
what to do.""Ok."I moved myself down under the blankets, bis 120 kissing my
cousin's body as I went. When 12y porn
I reached his young penis
I kissed the tip, licked the shaft and then slid my
mouth down around it and began bobbing up and down. It
was very cool knowing that I was giving this boy his
first ever blowjob. I wondered if Michael always 16yo pic felt
this powerful when he sucked off a young under 12 naked xxx boy?Elijah started breathing pretty hard. I 40 inche ass heard him
whisper, 13 girls non nude "Jake... I'm going to cum soon..."I had only an instant to decide what to do. Finally I
figured I'd make it as nice as I could for him and kept
going."Jake, I'm going to... I'm... oooooh... oh, god..."
Elijah let out Lesbian 18 one last long moan and I felt addicted to boobs 5
his 16 age sex fucking penis
start kicking in my mouth, his sperm splashing down my
throat as I tried to swallow it all as fast as I
possibly could.When Elijah was 36ee boobs done cumming, I moved up and snuggled
next to him. "Well? What did you think?""I liked it!" Elijah said with an eager smile. "Now I
get to do you!" Before I could stop him, Elijah ducked
down and took my penis in his hand, giving it a couple
slow, steady strokes. He gave it a couple uncertain
licks 8th steert latino
and then slid his mouth along the shaft, just
rubbing his lips against it. Finally he opened his
mouth wide and took me in.It wasn't the best blowjob I'd ever had. It was, in
fact, pretty far from the best and closer to the worst.
The boy had no clue at all what he was doing. One would
have thought that seeing all those porn films would
have helped, but apparently not. Still, hopefully he
would get better with time. There's a real skill to
giving a good blowjob.I let Elijah suck on me for about five minutes before I
finally pulled him up and started kissing him again.
After we broke the kiss, he said, "Why did you have me
stop? I wanted to make you cum.""I don't usually cum while getting blown," I said."Oh. I didn't know that."I snorted. "Of course you didn't. You're new to all
this.""Yeah," he said with a grin. "I'm having fun, though!"As we kissed, Elijah began grinding his hard penis
against mine. The weight of his naked young body on top
of mine really felt good, though I certainly wasn't
going to wind up cumming from it. He might, though. But
I had a better idea for where his next orgasm should
happen."Elijah?""Yeah?" my young cousin asked, lifting his face up from
my chest where he'd been sucking on one of my nipples."You wanna fuck me?" I asked him.Elijah blinked. "Like... ery 2 pads pregnancy like up your butt...?"I laughed at how his voice sounded. "Well, it's not
like I have a vagina, you know."Elijah gave a nervous little laugh of his own. "Yeah, I
know that.""So you wanna try it?""Actually..." Elijah looked even more nervous now.
"Uh... I do want to try it, but... like... you doing it
to me?"Now I blinked in surprise. "You 3gp sex films
want me to fuck you?""Yeah..."Oh!" I felt very surprised. "Uh... well, we can try
that, but it's going to hurt at least a little. Maybe a
lot. I don't want to scare you away from the idea, but
I wanted to make sure you know.""Huh... uh... if it hurts, though... why do people do
it? I mean in the porno tapes it always looks like the
guy getting fucked is having a good time."I shrugged a little, looking up into the boy's eyes.
"Well, escort zx2 timing belt it DOES feel good once you get going, especially
if you're being topped, that's what warcraft 3 porn maps it's called when
you get fucked, when you're being topped by someone who
knows what he's doing.""Oh... would you know what you're doing?""Well, yes," I admitted."Ok. So if you fuck me, it won't hurt, right?""It probably will still hurt at first at least. Then
after that it should start feeling really good. I don't
want to lie to you, though. The pain will probably be
pretty intense at first. I've been fucked a lot and
even I have problems with it sometimes."Elijah appeared to consider this. Finally he slowly
said, "Well... you're my cousin, Jake... and I trust
you. If you say that you can make it feel good for me,
then I'll believe you. Besides, I'm going to try it
sometime. It might as well be with someone who knows
what he's doing." Then the boy blushed a little, the
feeling of warmth passing across his naked body. "And
someone who I... love..."Oh, lord, I thought. I choose to ignore the last little
bit and said, "I'll certainly try to make it good for
you, Elijah, if you really want me to.""I do," he said with a nervous little grin."Ok." I reached over to the nightstand and rummaged
around until I found my bottle of lube. Once I found
it, I said to Elijah, "Ok, get off me for a moment.""Alright." My cousin moved down to lay next to me.I squirted some of the lube onto my hand and started
rubbing it all over my penis. While I did so, I passed
the bottle to Elijah and said, "Put some of this on
your fingers and then stick one up into yourself. Rub
all over down there and get as slippery as you can.""Alright," he said, his voice trembling a little. He
squirted the lube onto his fingers and then put them
down between his legs. He let out a surprised little
hiss. "It's kinda cold!"I laughed. "Yeah. It's like that at first.""I actually gotta put a finger inside?""Well, yes. I mean, my penis will be going into there
soon. If you can't even handle one of your own fingers,
how will you take that?""Yeah... ok." I watched Elijah's face as he slowly
inserted a finger into his ass. He blinked a little and
got an odd look on his face. "It... wow... it 14yo nude girls pics feels
kinda weird... not bad, but weird...""Yeah, that sounds about right.""So ok... I guess I'm ready.""Alright." I laid back. "Go ahead and straddle my
waist. Keep your butt up above my penis.""Ok."I positioned myself under Elijah, holding my erection
up. "Right. Now just sort of lower 14 yo girls naked
yourself down until
you feel me going inside you."Elijah took a deep breath. "Alright."My cousin slowly lowered his body down onto my penis.
There was a little resistance and then the tip of my
erection popped up into him. Elijah let out a little
whimper and said, "Oh... that's... ow..."I put one of my hands on his thigh and the other around
his penis, stroking it slowly. "Just relax. Keep going.
When it hurts, stop, but don't pull off me, ok?"He exhaled loudly. "Alright. I'll try my best."Elijah lowered himself down some more, and this 30 birthday penis jokes time a
little of the shaft of my penis entered his tight young
virgin ass. age 15 sex pics He winced and held himself steady. "Wow...
that does 12yr old daughters anal hurt a little," he managed to say."I know," I said as I kept stroking his erection. "Just
relax. Once I'm entirely inside you, it'll start
feeling really good.""Alright," Elijah said again and lowered down some
more. We went like this for about five minutes until I
was finally all the way inside him.It was a real challenge to hold myself still. It was
really nice inside Elijah's body. I kept hold of his
thigh and penis and whispered to him, "So now I'm all
the way inside you. What do you think?"Elijah winced a little and said, "It really hurts...""Well, you wanna have me pull out?"He shook his head. "No. The pain is kind of fading a
little, I think.""Alright. Well, when you're ready for me to start
moving, let me know. That's when the good part starts
up.""Ok." After a couple minutes he took a few deep breaths
and said, "Alright, I think I'm ready.""Ok." Keeping hold of his naked young body, I started
thrusting slowly, pushing my penis up into his tight
ass. It was a major effort to keep from pounding the
fuck out of him, but I maintained some self-control."How is it?" I asked after a few moments."Oh, Jake... it's... that feels so cool... I can't
believe I really have you inside me like 12in dick this..."I grinned at him and gave him a little kiss. "You wanna
turn over and let me be on top?""Ok."Moving carefully so that I didn't slide out of him, we
rolled over and now I was on top of Elijah. I started
screwing him in a slow, steady motion, trying my best
to make sure he enjoyed it as much as I was. Judging by
the look on his face, I was accomplishing DOG TUBE PO5N SEX my goal. One
part of my mind still couldn't get over the fact that I
was actually fucking a thirteen-year-old boy,
especially one as beautiful as my young cousin. God,
that was fantastic! I really had to make sure I told
Michael thank you.We fucked for about ten minutes, Elijah jerking off
every once in a while. Finally his masturbation
accomplished its goal, and he let out a series of
incoherent sounds as his sperm starting firing out of
his young penis, his ass contracting around my erection
as he climaxed.Well, that dell 2405fpw pics was it for me. I grunted and pushed deep
into my cousin's ass as my penis started kicking inside
his little body. Soon his underage body was filled with
several sharp blasts of my sperm. When I was done
cumming, I held myself over him, trying to get my
breath back."Oh, god, Jake," Elijah whispered. "Wow, that was
nice...""Glad you liked it," I said with a little chuckle and
kiss.Elijah and I spent all day just having sex with each
other. I fucked him. He fucked me. We blew each other.
It was a fantastic afternoon! The next day was even
better, cause I invited Michael over and, much to his
happiness, we all three had sex with each other.Through the rest of the summer, Elijah and I spent naked modles 12 yo a
great deal of time making love to one another. We
occasionally had sex with other people, sometimes men
my age, sometimes boys his age, and always we had lots
of fun.Eventually the summer ended and Elijah returned home to
his parents in Oklahoma. They'd finished their divorce
and he'd wound up having to live with his mother, which
he didn't mind too much. He made sure to stay in touch
with me.In fact, I recently got an email from him saying that
he wanted to come and visit me this next summer and
that his mother had already approved the idea! We'll
get to spend time having as much sex as our bodies can
stand! Ah... I can't wait!END PART TWOCopyright 2006 by Alex Hawk. Boys are fun, but fragile!
Be careful not to break them.Send any and all feedback me to !
Check my site at
Thanks muchly and I hope to hear from you soon! ^_^
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